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Chishu MES can realize safety, efficacy, low-cost production

By building high efficiency and prompt solution to adapt chemical industry innovation to realize sustainable development and growth


The chemical industry refers to the sum of enterprises and companies involved in production, storage and transportation in the chemical processing industry. It is an industry with large energy consumption and waste as well as rapid technological innovation and great development potential.

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Typical characteristics of chemical industry

Integrated business process

Management pain points in the chemical industry

Solutions of chemical industry


    Automatic control system of production device

    Carry out effective measurement and control of each production link, optimize the management the entire production process, cover various production sections, solve the problems of extensive on-site management, waste of raw materials, etc. The system is incorporated with features of high security, timely, stable and reliable information control.


    Cost management module

    Provide industry costs, standard costs and actual costs respectively for comparison, which can accurately, exactly and timely calculate the costs.


    Production execution management system (MES)

    Daily capture, store, process and analyze the information of the whole production process, enable the information data sharing, integrate the production information of the whole projects, provide scientific basis for maintenance plan, which can save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.


    Production process and equipment operation monitoring

    Centralized monitoring of various production lines and equipment operation, intelligent early warning, timely abnormal alarm, precise holographic tracking, abnormal equipment processing in advance, avoid interruption to production line .


    Batch traceability management

    The quality of products can be tracked through batch management of materials which are categoric coded by the material characteristics and attributes.


    Master data synchronization

    Be able to effectively manage, synchronize and allocate master data stored in multiple, disconnected systems or databases, synchronization includes timing synchronization and manually triggered synchronization

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