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With Chishu MES, the business transformation of the textile industry can be accelerated

Real-time Getting inventory information based on a unified platformOptimizing the supply and demand balance, and conducting customer interaction activities in various channels and regions


Three major textile industries: textile, clothing and chemical fiber manufacturing.
The textile industry in China is an industry with high labor intensity and high dependence on foreign brands.
At present, China has formed a relatively complete textile industry system, and it has been a major country for producing and exporting textiles and clothing worldwide. Starting from the production of textile raw materials, weaving, dyeing to the processing of clothing and other textiles, we have established a comparatively integrated system for the connection between upstream industry chain and downstream industry chain, and supporting production.

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Typical characteristics of fashion industry

Labor-intensity Industry

The Pain Points of Textile Industry

CHISHU Solution


    Control and command system in unmanned factory

    Seamlessly facing the equipment, through system command and dispatch, the equipment learns independently and completes the orders to realize the unmanned workshop.


    CHISHU flexible intelligent execution management system

    Assist solving problems encountered in each section of production management through the combination of software and hardware.


    APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) System

    Develop production plan and material plan precisely to process level, one-click scheduling, greatly simplified workload.


    Intelligent analysis and display board plugin

    empowered with production site display board, real-time monitoring of the progress of orders.


    Warehouse Management System

    Effectively respond to complex material in and out of the plant, improve the efficiency of material circulation and lay the foundation for complete batch traceability.


    Mobile application plug-in

    real-time view of production progress and accurate holographic anomaly, the mobile application is enabled to trigger timely alarm and take timely actions.


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