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SAP Business One is customized ERP system for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

SAP did great customization function to meet different industry and enterprise requirement

In the fierce market competition, digital management is a tremendous challenge for all industry and enterprise, how to improve efficiency, reduce costing and make accurate decision and forecast to seize 1% opportunity in inevitable rapid for SMEs? Enterprise must possess digital management to keep the enterprise sensitive and improve competition.

Core Function

SAP Business One has friendly user interface and operation, comprehensive function is included finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, payment, customer relationship management (CRM), Production, Costing, etc.

SAP Business One has centralized data management and sharing platform that will improve enterprise management and efficiency by reduce duplicate data enter. SAP Business One provided other 11 industry functions to expand management capacity to lean business process.


Financial Management

SAP Business One covers all financial requirement which include automatically generate journal entry, GL accounting, fixed assets, costing, budget, exchange rate different, account payable, account receivable, payment, financial analysis, etc. which enable to improve enterprise operational efficiency and productivity.



SAP Business One has whole sales management process such as customer lifecycle, quotation, order, delivery, invoice, return management, etc. Powerful analysis capacity to enable prompt response and improve business profitability.



SAP Business One provides whole supplier chain and transaction management such as purchase request, quotation, order, shipment, landed cost, return, payment, etc. which improve purchasing visibility to reduce purchase costing and increase company profit.



SAP Business One has comprehensive inventory management capacity which include real time inventory management, precise warehouse and bin location management, cause of company improves business efficiency, reduce inventory costing, improve discernment and inventory management.



SAP Business One payment covered whole financial transaction such as cash, check, bank transfer, deposit, down payment, credit code, bank reconciliation, etc.



SAP Business One customer relationship management connected data from marketing, sales, service base on experience to do intelligence analysis which can increase potential customer and improve customer satisfaction.



SAP Business One provided production planning, MRP, Resource, project management process.



SAP Business One provide multiple dimension cost center and distribution rule to analyze and trace company data which can provide high-efficiency and precise cash follow management, and control budget and project cost.

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