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Assist enterprise to build intelligent and visualized factory

CHISHU MES is typically focused on building intelligent factory for manufacturing industry and enterprises

Customer benefits empowered by CHISHU MES

Enterprise intelligent manufacturing, digital and automated overall service Using advanced software applications help customers improve production efficiency and increase manufacturing productivity, address their current challenges better and faster, while also enabling them to discover new possibilities

  • Manager

    Visualized production and lean management

  • Scheduling

    Intelligent scheduling and real time mastery of planning/production progress

  • Technology

    Integrated manufacturing and standardized product files

  • Workshop

    Dynamically record process and information interoperate between workshops

  • Traceability

    Full quality control and process traceability

CHISHU Intelligent is the key of zero labor factory

CHISHU MES focuses on solutions and practice enabling traditional manufacturing enterprise to become informatization, digitization and intelligentScale down the labor cost, improve the operational efficiency and archive the transformation and upgrade for enterprise


Seamless connection

System coordinates the division of work and cooperation of various equipment and operates in an orderly manner

Intelligent production

System automatically execute and complete order from authorized command

Intelligent monitoring

The operation status of various equipment and abnormal conditions can be monitored from general control room

Big data analysis

The machine is enabled to make production planning, task allocation and optimize the collaboration through big date analysis

Customer acquired benefit

Build value for customers is our mission

Improve manufacturing efficiency and quality

Save labor cost

Shorten lead time

Improve production planning capability

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